The 1759 ancient masonic ritual team was first established in ???? by W.Bro Stuart F Jackson, who painstaking spent several years piecing together an accurate representation of an initiation ceremony from circa 1759, hence the name of the demonstration team. A group of well-practiced and capable volunteers were assembled and they quickly rehearsed the ritual and made a name for themselves and the district delivering the ritual in full 18th century dress along with a dramatic representation of a lodge set up at that time. The aim of the team was then as is now to raise monies for charity and also to demonstrate the similarity and differences that have taken place since 1759, or there about’s. It also involved a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

The current team was put together by W.Bro John Hudson with a lot of guidance and advice from not only Stuart Jackson the originator of the ritual but a couple of team members from the first demonstration team itself.