4 comments on “Grand Lodge performance for Urban 150th

  1. Hi Bob What a terrific event you all had there, a real showcase for East Lancs masons! Congratulations to all of you in the team. Wish I was younger and in better health. Very Best Regards


    Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 13:51:19 +0000 To: jackroyd@hotmail.co.uk

    • We certainly did. The big surprise was the Bollywood dancing and music which went down really well. Grand Lodge room No 10 was the venue but we managed to get a tour of the building before kick off.

  2. Hi Bob. I know this is a bit after the horse has bolted as it were but never to late for a jolly good compliment, in this case to the 1759 team. I don’t know how they have managed without me, or anybody else for that matter. The trouble is it seems that everybody has so I’ll just have to lump it. It’s no secret now that my return next year at the end of July at the latest will see me reappear in Pendle Lodge and without doubt a return to the 1759 team if they will have me, if only as a reserve or something. Give the lads my best regardless. Looking very much forward to coming back and my need for travel and adventure has very much abated. Good luck and take care. Kevin

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