3 comments on “1759 team looking for new talent

  1. 1759 Team LogoMust admit, the opportunity to join the 1759 team is an attractive one. Learning the ritual from that period certainly makes the modern version more understandable and explainable to fellow colleagues, and we do have a lot of fun in the process. It has got to the point that greetings from Lowerhouse Lodge in the era of 1759 are given at practice whenever one or more of the team are present. If you have had enough of side degrees and want something different, give it a go.
    Contact John Hudson and come along to a practice and see what we are about.
    You wont regret it.

  2. An excellent website which conveys the right message about the ritual and the ethos of freemasonry. Ritual has always been an important facet of our organisation. It still is today. I believe that ritual as currently used should not be read in ‘live’ lodge, unless there are extenuing personal circumstances eg medical.
    We have never been as well prepared educationally as we are today; so why the excuses! Probably a fair number of our ancient brethren did not even have the benefit of being able to read. They literally had to learn and commit to memory by listening to colleagues repeating numerous times – the importance of attending lodge practice today comes to mind.

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