2 comments on “Formby Lodge offer up candidate for 1759 Performance

  1. On behalf of the Brethren of Formby Lodge No. 5659 , and all our visitors .
    I would like to extend our congratulations to your Team for the manner you worked the Ceremony

    Best Wishes for the future and success in meeting your target of £10,000.

    W.Bro Cliff Birtwistle. P.Pr.G.Supt of Wks

    • Hello Cliff
      Thanks for your comment, the team really enjoyed the splendour of Southport Masonic Hall and especially the welcome we received at the social board. Keep an eye on our total as we are almost over £5000 at the moment.
      Best wishes
      Bob Summers
      Website Manager & 1759 Senior Deacon

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